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Tirumagaral - Arulmigu Maagaraleeswarar Temple

How to reach the Tirumagaral Temple

Arulmighu Dhakshinamoorthy About 16 kms away from Kanchipuram on south direction (near Cheyyaru). About 11 kms away from Uthramerur.

The Deities

Arulmigu Maagaraleeswarar Temple Swamy - Arulmigu Maagaraleeswarar as Swayambhu Lingam facing East direction. He is also called as "Arulmighu Agaththeeswarar".
Ambal (Iraivi) - Sri Thirubhuvana Nayaki in a separate sannadhi.
Theertham - Agni theertham, Navvi theertham.
Thala Viruksham - Lemon tree.
Pathigam - Sambhandhar - 1.

About the Temple

Muruga Upadesam to Lord ShivaThe Swamy is also called with other names like "Agaththeeswar, Udumbeeswarar, Putridangkondanathar, Paaraththzhumbar, Aabaththukkaaththavar, Thaduththaatkkoondarar etc.

Sannadhis for Sri Poiyaatha Vinayakar, Aarumughar, 63 Naayanmars, Naalvar, Navagrahams are found.

Nandi DevarBrahma devan, Indiran, Chandran, Thaarai, Rathi (Devars), Makkiragan (Asuran), Kaashyappar, Agasthiyar (rishi), Rajendra Chozhan (king) and Thiru Gnana Sambhandar worshipped this Sthala Perumaan.

"Maagaram" means "Udumbu". Since, the perumaan gave his presence in the form of Udumbu for the 2 asuras - Maargam and Malayar, this Sthalam is called as "Maagaral". The swamy has also shown his kolam for one more person in the form of Udumbu. Who is he? Let us know the story behind that.

Rajendra Chozhan and Swamy in the form of Udumbu:

Swamy giving seva for Rajendra ChozhanAbout 2 Kms away from Maagaral, there is a small village named "Venupuram". There was a jackfruit (Palaa) tree which used to give lots of fruits. People of that area used to take a fruit, dedicate it to Chidambaram - Natarajar and finally giving it as the Prasadham to the king. It started and followed as a daily practice.

But one day, the king did not get the prasadham. While asking for the reason, he came to know that a young person has destroyed the tree as he could not see his people traveling so many miles from Venupuram to Chidambaram and then to Tanjore. He said he has done this only for the welfare for their people on seeing their suffer and problem.

The king could understand their problem and at the same time he did not want to punish them. So, he ordered the young man along with his members to take out of the village and leave them in the place during the early morning. The place where the are left in the early morning is "Vidi Maagaral" (Vidi means the early morning (or) the rise of the sun) near Tiruthani.

Arulmigu Maagaraleeswarar TempleDuring the way back, while crossing a lemon tree forest, the king noticed a shiny Udumbu passing away. The king ordered his servants to catch it and as they chased it hide itself in a small hole. The king ordered to destroy the hole and while doing so, the blood came out from the hole because of the weapons. As an asariri, the perumaan told that the king has to construct a temple for him in this place. As ordered, the king constructed the temple for Shiva Perumaan.

While looking into the Moolavar, He is Chathura peeta Aavudayaar; the linga baanam is like the tail part of Udumbu; and it is Swayambhu.

It is said that bhaktas who are seeking for children, can visit this Sthalam to perform AngapPradhakshanam and they are surely blessed with children.

Temple Gallery

Arulmigu Maagaraleeswarar Temple
Dwara Balagar
Agni Theertham
Nandi Devar at the entrance

Arulmigu Maagaraleeswarar Temple
Lord Brahma
Shiva Ganam
Shivan Parvathi Kalyanam

King worshipping Lord Shivan
Shivan and Parvathi Devi
Temple Entrance
Arulmigu Sandikeswarar Sannadhi

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